Urban Ecology

About Us

Accomplishments & Recent Projects

A few of the things we achieved in the short duration of our young business are described below.

"Rooftop rainwater harvesting has been a godsend. Not only have we swiftly recovered our initial investment in the filters and plumb-ing, we have saved a lot of the money spent on water tankers. Water shortages are a thing of the past!"
Gautami Enclave,
Kondapur, Hyderabad
Large Apartment/Community Project

Rainwater Harvesting

We’re a young brand, but we’ve made headway even in this short time. This success has prompted us to take our Hyderabadi brand pan-India.

Urban Housing Projects

Terrace Gardening

We have setup several terrace and balcony gardens in urban Hyderabad, especially at homes that were keen on growing vegetables and herbs for personal consumption. We have achieved a relatively high success rate towards this endeavor.

"I've always ensured that I grow 50% of my household produce by myself. Having moved to Hyderabad recently, Urban Ecology helped me setup my balcony garden quickly and efficiently."
Raintree Park,
KPHB, Hyderabad
"Mud-brick construction is a completely different ball game, but Urban Ecology's expertise made it a cakewalk for us. The outcome - sturdy, well designed housing
with minimal environmental impact! "
Sriram Developers,
KSR Layout, Hyderabad
Commercial Properties

Construction Of Sustainable Housing

We recently completed the design and construction of model home for a Wellness Living Project. The project focusses on villas, resort space and community activities involving Urban Farming.

Our Solutions are the Perfect Blend of Traditional Principles and Modern Technology

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Our Managing Team

We have a small but dynamic team that helps us hustle our way towards our goals. A couple of them are introduced below.

Sai Prasad Renugunta

Founder & CEO

Nishant Philip

Chief Strategist