Urban Farming

Organic Terrace Or Balcony Farming And Gardening Made Easy

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How our "Smart Grow Bins" Work?

Our self-watering planters, made of virgin food-grade plastic, offer an easy way to grow high quality produce safely. Nutrient-rich water, drained from the soil/potting medium, is stored under the perforated plate and reabsorbed by the soil through “capillary action”. This ensures availability of water to the roots of your plants as needed, remaining self-sufficient for up to 4-5 days.

Patio Rack

The Patio Rack is ideal for plants in the balcony, porch or patio. Placed on the floor or mounted on the wall, it occupies minimum space, allowing you to grow more plants in the same area.

Grow Herbs,


Indoor Plants,

Edible Greens,

Exotic Plants,

Garden Plants

Agri Pod

The Agri Pod is a unique & effective solution for easy Urban Farming. It boosts exposure to overhead sun-light, and its self-watering and drip irrigation systems make your plants self-sufficient.

Our Services

In addition to our urban farming products, you can even opt into our services, carried out by a team of expert gardeners.

Installation Services

Our gardener will visit your home, and set up your Agri Pod, Balcony garden or Terrace Garden for you - this includes everything from assembly and potting to positioning.

Gardener Consultation

Get the best expert advice at regular intervals about growing your own food. Our gardeners will guide you plant rotations, plant feed, organic pest control, et al.

Subscription Supplies

Opt into our subscription service and receive gardening supplies regularly. Inclusives are seeds, organic plant feed and natural pest inhibiting substances, depending on the plan.

Grow Your Own Healthy, Toxin-Free Food

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