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Urban Ecology seeks to drive sustainability in architecture and construction by the manufacture and utilization of earth blocks (a.k.a. mud bricks). Our standardized studio, 1 BHK and 2 BHK options boast contemporary design, simplicity and harmony with nature. Key features of our offering:


Minimum carbon
footprint in earth block construction.

Modular Design

Design efficiency achieved through simplicity and modularity.

Short Timeline

Speedy project delivery, expedited timelines.


Integrates ecologically compatible & productive systems.

Bamboo Furniture

Environment friendly furniture made using natural materials.

Modern Interiors

Principled on

Call us on 89191 59431 or click on the link below for more information about what we can do for you with earth block architecture and construction.

Grow Your Own Food

Urban Ecology brings you the Agri Pod and Patio Rack – solutions that will help you conveniently grow herbs, vegetables, edible greens and garden plants from within the comfort of your home.

Our product promises ease-of-use, high yield and space efficiency, while requiring very low maintenance. Our service ensures you have all the guidance and hand-holding you need from our team of expert gardeners to ensure you get on track to growing your own organic (pesticide-free), nutritious produce.

91 89191 59431

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Solve your water problems with Rainmax’s Filters – the most effective, affordable, easy-to-use solution for rooftop rainwater harvesting.

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