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At Urban Ecology we seek to use entrepreneurship to drive increased utilization and awareness in the areas of green architecture (specifically mudbrick technology) and water conservation.  Towards this goal, we primarily focus on three activities:


We manufacture and supply the building blocks of sustainable architecture - strong, durable and high quality Interlocking Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks.


Our team of skilled architects have expertise in designing building and spaces that are in harmony with the environment. We offer both design and construction services.


We manufacture and market Rainmax Rainwater Harvesting Filters – the most effective, affordable, easy-to-use solution for rooftop rainwater harvesting.

Sustainable architecture seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings through improved process efficiency, alternative building materials and moderation in the use of materials, energy, development space and the ecosystem at large.


Stabilized earth architecture  uses earthen materials  stabilized with binders and pressure for enhanced durability, i.e. higher compressive strength and increased water resistance.  Urban Ecology seeks to drive sustainability in architecture through the manufacture, utilization and supply of Earth blocks (a.k.a. mud bricks). The benefits of Stabilized earth architecture are many.

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Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEB) are high quality, earth-based building materials made by compressing the carefully proportioned mix of soil, sand, minimal cement and/or lime. This type of mudbrick facilitates building higher with thinner walls, since they have much better compressive strength and water resistance. Our Interlocking CSEB are constructively designed with special moulds to lock into each other without the use of mortar. The ICSEB manufactured by Urban Ecology have high durability, abrasive resistance and compressive strength ranging from 6.79 – 8.77 N/mm². They are available in 2 sizes – 6” and 9”.

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CSEB has embodied energy that is 10.7 times less, and carbon emissions that are 12.5 times less in comparison to country-fired bricks. The environmental impact of construction and post-construction is much lower, i.e. significantly reduced carbon footprint.


CSEBs are about 40% cheaper because they are produced locally, with a natural resource, semi-skilled labor, and almost no transport. The absence of mortar further reduces construction costs. And the thermal mass quality of CSEB reduces home cooling/heating costs.


Our ICSEB has high durability, abrasive resistance and compressive strength ranging from 6.79 – 8.77 N/mm². This is significantly higher than the typical ranges for CSEB. Its structural strength is more than that of adobe-earth which makes it a very safe material for construction.


CSEB have high water resistance. This means that they are not easily penetrated by water thereby remaining strong and durable through all weather conditions. In fact, during one of our tests we submerged our ICSEB in water for over a year and saw ZERO damage or deterioration.


Thermal mass is a material’s ability to absorb and store heat energy before releasing it. It is used to maintain the appropriate temperature of rooms. CSEB has high thermal mass; it can regulate your home's internal temperature, saving anywhere between 10-15% on cooling and heating costs.


The relatively high proportion of clay and soil in CSEB allows the walls to “breathe” naturally, thus regulating the relative humidity of indoor air between 40% and 60% and improving the overall indoor air quality.


CSEB projects are delivered quickly through expedited project timelines, based on process streamlining and execution efficiency. The construction process using CSEB does not need the application of mortar or paint, reducing the TTD of construction significantly.


The natural color and texture of CSEB obtained from the soil opens the door to a new world of possibilities in terms of design and creativity. Being locally-produced, these blocks can adapt to various social, technical and cultural aspects, that are in harmony with the surroundings.


CSEBs do not require paint or other treatments to preserve their durability and aesthetics. They can remain reliable, string, and maintenance-free for several decades. This saves both time and money for the maintenance of your home as compared to conventional building materials.


Since the raw materials used to make CSEB come from nature, they don't release any toxic gases. CSEBs can be left exposed without any coating of paints and plaster which is an advantage since most paints contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are harmful.

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When a CSEB home is torn down after a lifetime of use, the walls will reintegrate back into the earth. This drastically reduces construction waste, that otherwise takes up space in landfills across our country. In this context, earthen blocks can be considered a cradle-to-cradle product.


The interlocking mechanism of our ICSEB and its high structural strength, makes it more resistant to damage from earthquakes. Fewer repairs are needed for CSEB structures. Rebuilding due to fire or water damage is practically unheard - these houses are completely fireproof.

6" Block

Dimensions: 6" x 9" (±0.5") x 4.5"
Strength: 6.79 - 8.77 N/mm²

9" Block

Dimensions: 9" x 9" (±0.5") x 4.5"
Strength: 6.79 - 8.77 N/mm²

We have carefully curated the process for the manufacture of our ICSEB. The first step involves mixing soil, sand and minimal cement in precisely calibrated proportions. In the second step this mixture is compressed into earth blocks using special machinery. This is followed by a curing process which is crucial for strengthening the block. The final step is stacking for storage and a final curing process. Please do watch the video below to understand this process better.

Contemporary design focused on aesthetic and functional harmony with the surrounding environment. Using traditional earthen building materials by reengineering them for the modern era.

Solve your water problems with Rainmax’s Filters – the most effective, affordable, easy-to-use solution for rooftop rainwater harvesting.

It collects rainwater from rooftop and filters it through a fine 100-micron stainless steel 304 mesh and our first flush system, removing dust leaves contaminants and other debris. The resulting clean water is stored in a tank, and recharges groundwater or your borewell. As a result, you save money spent on water tankers.

2 stage filtration


100μ SS mesh

First flush system

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